Monday, September 10, 2007

Time to Represent

As the winner of the #1 Attendance football league last year, GDR Front Office, my reward is a chance to represent our league against 15 other league Champs in the Deacon Jones Conference.

Well I quickly found out a FAB for a 16 team league (such as this champions league) is much different than a FAB for a 12 team league (like the GDR Front Office). The main difference the prices of the stars is more than I am used/willing to paying for them.

Notes from the FAB....
some of my top signings:
Gostkowski, S - K - NEP - $1/1
Morrison, K - LB - OAK - $4.5/3
Smith, J - DL - CIN - $3.5/1
Suggs, T - DL - BAL - $3.5/1
Ward, H - WR - PIT - $4.5/3
Boldin, A - WR - ARZ - $8/3/pb
Drew, MJ - RB - JAX - $8/3/pb
Manning, E - QB - NYG $6.5/1

Some near misses (all with a less than 2 difference in my E3YV and the winning bid), Oh how things could have been different:
Bulger, Edge James, Urlacher, DeMeco Ryans, Peppers, B. Marshall, and Rothlisberger

Some signings (by other teams) where I wasn't even close:
Driver $12/1
McNabb $13/2/pb
Stallworth, D $8.5/3
Manning, P $21/3/pb
T.O. $12/3/pb
Benson, C $8/3/pb

Looking over the rosters it is going to be tough for me to win my division and get in the playoffs. I really don't have any stars and will need to try and wheel and deal or hope some 'sleepers' come through for me. Guys I have that could fall into that category would be: Quinn/Schaub, Tatum Bell, Heath Evans, Demetrius Williams, Jacoby Jones, and Landon Johnson.

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