Monday, August 13, 2007

Team Names, FAB Strategy, and Some History

I hate naming fantasy teams. I put way too much thought into it, and I'm usually not happy with the end result. My Champion's League team is named Addai Another Day - I both hate it and love it.

Reasons for the hate:
1. I'm not really an Addai fan, a Colts fan, or a 007 fan
2. I won't go out of my way to pick up Addai in the FAB
3. I really don't like puns (or Berman-isms)

Reasons to like it:
1. I didn't go with my first instinct, which would have resulted something like: Vick's Kennel
2. It doesn't sound like a desperate attempt to pretend my fantasy team is a real team
3. It sounds like a bad headline written by an alcoholic sports editor who gave up caring for his job ten years ago and is praying for the day that his bosses give him an early retirement package (this could have easily gone in the "hate" list).

Here's my FAB strategy. It's very simple, and I'll be happy to share it with all of you:
stick to the plan

Unless you got to the Champion's League through blind luck or because your fellow owners in 2006 developed a methamphetamine addiction in week 3 of the season, I'm going to assume that you won your league because you had a plan, did a decent job of sticking to that plan in the FAB, then saw the season develop in a way that coincided with your plan.

Maybe your plan was to pay premium dollars for elite talent. Maybe you built a team based on depth and upside. You may have focused on defense. Or perhaps you're the guy that signed Carson Palmer for 2 years @ $21.5M per (oops, that guy didn't win).

Regardless, what separates the champion from the also-ran (in addition to luck and injuries) is sticking to the plan (whatever the plan is) during the FAB. When it's FAB Day 3, and you're worried about having enough players for a game of poker (never mind a full roster), your fellow owners are spending money like my Uncle Marty at the Foxy Lady, and your highest rated RB still available is retired...that's when it gets hard - real hard - to stick to the plan.

I'll stick to my plan this year, unless my inner-Uncle Marty takes over and I end up spending $60M on three players (including Tiki Barber and Drew Bledsoe) and waking up the morning after the FAB with all my money spent and no defensive players.

Some history on me:
I last played fantasy football in 1996. In 1995, I was busy at work and couldn't make the draft that year, so I asked my friend DJ to take care of it for me. He had a once-in-a-lifetime, never to be repeated, un-freaking-believable draft. I didn't make one transaction that year, and won the league in a rout.

In 1996, I drafted my own team, and I didn't come close to a championship, so I "retired" from fantasy football while I still had a little dignity and focused my energies on fantasy baseball and non-fantasy activities (you know, involving women and stuff).

I made my comeback in 2006, winning a strong league, and now I'm back again...praying that 2007 will end better than 1996 did.

Good luck!

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