Monday, August 13, 2007

Quiet ?!?

I realize that the FAB and season have yet to start but things seem a bit too quiet!

I honestly believed that a Championship league would bring forth a mass of boasts and well-founded bravaado from those accustomed to being on top. Instead we have two GMs worried about stepping into the unfamiliar waters of sixteen team leagues and an admitted imposter to our ranks being the only one to even hint at planning on kickin' butt. Is anyone else shocked at this turn of events?

I doubt that any of the GMs want to divulge their battleplan for the upcoming season or FAB strategies, so perhaps we can get some discussion on previous experiences or even team names...

If you were to check on the GM Card for SmoovJello you would see that the Dixie Devils stole the championship in the inaugural season of the Semi-Tough League. Rising from the ranks of the Hose Manning Division, the Devils took the crown with wins over the Charleston Hestons and Fightin' Basselopes in the playoffs. Due to limitations of GDR to only display active leagues though, you would be unable to see that this is not the first championship that Dixie has claimed. In 2005 the Dixie Devils managed to impale the Leaside Lobsters on the preverbial fork on their way to the GameDay Geeks title. This 16 team league folded after a single season with many an owner completely baffled by the intricacies of offensive and defensive schemes. Can the South rise again and hold the Championship aloft once more?

With a new challenge at hand in the Championship Leagues, I decided that a new team name should be created. Since a desire to instill fear in your opponent is essential in the psychological aspect of the game, the works of sci-fi/horror writer H.P. Lovecraft were scoured for inspiration. From the depths of his imagination great Cthulhu has risen from R'lyeh to serve as an appropriate iconic figure. Can a Cadre of his followers succeed in invoking abject fear or will I have to pray for the same luck that brought me here the past two years? My guess would be that I need to hope my luck holds out.

What's everyone else's story?

Cthulhu Cadre

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