Friday, August 31, 2007

Overview of FAB and FA

The FAB and initial Free Agency period has ended and it's now time to evaluate how well the preseason went.

The FAB started out somewhat painfully for me. I was fairly reserved in my bids and attempted to steer away from the "top end" talent in the first couple of waves. This resulted in a total of seven signings on the initial two waves which is equal to the lowest number of players I inked to contracts in each of the following waves. The slow start resulted in the loss of four players purely due to GM Rating. Some may question that the GM Rating made the difference but when you have the exact same offer to a player than was accepted for contract terms and you injected two of those players into the FAB, there is only one thing to point your finger at. There was a contract price value difference of 0.06 on three players and 0.03 and the last...that's one slim margin. When all was said and done though, I had thirty-one players on my roster at the end of the FAB and plenty of money to spend on Free Agents.

The Free Agency period was fast and furious but really lacked any feel of urgency. I easily signed virtually anyone I introduced into bidding during FA and have fleshed-out my roster with enough depth to field any offensive or defensive alignment.

I've seen that some people are not fond of the new GM Rating modifiers. I personally like the idea of your rating being adjusted at the time of signing but I still would prefer that points not be awarded when you make your original offer. With the legacy-based nature of GDR, I believe that a 100 rating should not be achievable in a single season. As things currently stand it is possible to earn 4 points per signed player. With careful bidding a GM could reach a rating in the 90's by the end of the second wave without many problems. For some reason this doesn't feel right to me.

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