Monday, August 20, 2007

League of Champions

I feel pretty lucky to be in the league this season. I do follow football pretty seriously and have a good track record (2 football leagues, 2 championships) but the fact remains that a lot of luck goes into winning it all.

I see some owners have decided to unveil their hidden draft approaches. I think most of us probably spend an inordinate amount of time studying football and the FAB so I tend to doubt there are many secrets left.

I try to work my drafts under very tight spending constraints. I don't ever buy the perceived best players -too expensive for me. I try to not spend more than 8 million on any one player. I almost always use my PBs for RBs and maybe a QB. Those are the only positions I'll spend lavishly on. Well, my version of lavishly.

I think I like the blackout feature, though I noticed it doesn't prevent sniping from happening for guys that are involved in negotiations. This is a feature that still requires fine tuning. Here's a thought: Why not have a program (I'm not the guy to do this.) that randomly locks out any final bids (aka snipes) sometime in the final hour? So for example, Player A is down to his final hour before he makes his "decision" about which offer is best for him. When this marker is met, a program runs which randomly sets a point at which no other bids adjustments are allowed. It could be on the hour, with 10 minutes left, etc. Or, maybe he makes a decision sometime randomly in that hour? I know some will hate this idea but it will force people to commit a little sooner.

I've digressed some from my strategies approach. Another play which I like is to throw out many bids. I think it is very important to get to 100 as a manger. On occasion one will get caught with a player and contract that wasn't desired but they're usually easily dropped onto the WW. It's easy for me because I budget my funds. Losing 2-3 million in a FAB is fine. Here's how I choose to look at it. If I could pay 2-3 million at the start of the FAB to know who has the best bid out there and at what amount, I would gladly do it.

I think I am doing well with this FAB, though my head is muddled by the other FAB I am in and a HUGE dynasty league I'm running for which we've had an online auction running for 21 days with 5 more to go! I like my defense a great deal and think I've gotten a few hidden gems. I spent some to get a decent WR in Evans and landed my QB (McNabb) and RBs in Henry, Jordan, and Carnell Williams who can only get better than last season.

Right now I'm duking it out with everyone else for all of the talent in the FA pool. But with 28.5 million at my disposal, I feel good about getting depth. And for me, depth is everything. I know some want the studs over the depth but it's too thin a margin of error for someone as conservative as I.

I'm looking forward to how this league unfolds. I'm not much of a trash talker. I prefer recognizes when someone else has done a good job with his squad. I'll leave the talk for the field.

Good luck fellas and I mean it,
Sir Ralph

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