Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm an imposter!

That's right, I'm an imposter. Well, not exactly. I'm who I am, but unlike the bulk of you I am not a GDR champion. So how am I in the Champion's League? Well, I'm a GDR moderator and GDR posted that they needed some extra bodies to round out this league. So here I am. While I've played GDR football and baseball since 2005, I've not yet claimed my first football championship - in GDR. However, if it counts for anything, I was my ESPN champion last season. (I know...not the same thing.)

Anyway, as long as I'm here I intend to bust my buns to kick a little butt before this thing is over. I take my fantasy sports seriously, so you don't have to worry that I won't give all you champs a decent run for your money and, who knows, maybe I can even get this GDR football thing figured out this season and put some swagger behind my blabber.

Getting down to the business at hand, I am thinking this 16 team league is gonna make this especially challenging. I can't even imagine who'll be left to put on the market by the team my number comes up! The biggest league I've ever been in for football has been 10 teams, so this should be really interesting to see how it all plays out in the FAB. Those mid-round signings are going to be especially important and I concur with the earlier post here that the type of offense you run could really make a difference in who you end up signing. The challenge of GDR is always that it takes more than the average bit of thinking and you can't go into the FAB or the season unprepared. I've got my SportingNews draft kit at hand and I'm reading it front to back at every opportunity.

This is gonna be a lot of fun!

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