Saturday, August 25, 2007

GM Changes Kicked My Tail.

I don't know if I am alone in this or not, but the changes to how points are awarded during FAB to the GM hit me hard.  I think they probably need to be refined a little.  Let me explain. For every player you put a bid in and do not sign it is -1 point to your GM rating. I read the rule changes, but they did not sink in until about 1/2 through the first day of signings and by that time I had already lost about 6 or 7 points. My GM rating looks worse than a stock market chart during a bear market.  My GM rating reached a high of about 75 after day 2 signings, but then plummeted to a low of 42 during the next day.  I was taking drastic measures to sign anyone I could.  Let me give you a little picture of how bad it got on day 3 of signings. I lost 15 players by less than 4 points. 13 of those were by less than 3 points and 6 were less than 2 points.  I lost 2 player by a combined .o8 of a point.  I felt like I could not catch a break at all, and I didn't. I think of the 5 days, I signed only 1 player that was in a yellow status.  Sucks being me.

That is where I think it should be refined. I lost points on very competitive offers. So here is my FAB over view on losing points:  
  • 33 by less than 4 pts
  • 27 by less than 3 pts
  • 13 by less than 2 pts
  • 3 by less than 1 pt
That is a total lost of 33 points for having very competitive offers.

I have will have to work extremely hard to be competitive this year, and I am up to the challenge.  Not that I want any player to get hurt, but I am looking for some WRs to be injured or to get benched so I can pick up the next guy in line.  

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