Friday, August 17, 2007

GDR important in the FAB?

Well, here we are on the eve of the third day of the Champ's League FAB and, lo and behold, I find myself with a GDR owner rating of 100. In past years I have aspired to boost that rating to the high mark as quickly as possible and, oftentimes, I've fallen short of doing so. This year I totally forgot about worrying my rating and I'm there with still better than half of the FAB to go. So, just how important is this rating business anyway?

Certainly there is no question that the higher the rating = the more FAB "insider" info you have. But does that really matter?

For instance, with a 100 rating at this point I know exactly where my offers stand against everyone else's. Right now I am sitting on top, with a green rating, on several players and I know I'm in the catbird seat to sign those players on day 3 of the signings. But, frankly, I knew that already with a much lower rating because those players went green the moment I made offers to them. Where the 100 rating really helps me out is on the players that are showing yellow and I can now look at those and see that I am in line to sign two of them but my offers are only second-best on three others. Conceivably I could use my 100 rating to boost my offers just enough to move into first place consideration for those other players. If I wanted to do so, that is. And that's really the advantage of sitting at 100 rating. As it happens, after reviewing my roster and my needs and the remaining available players on my draft sheet, I've decided not to boost any of those three into top contention. There is always the possibility that the top team may drop their bids for one or another and I could still end up signing one or more of those players where I am just a tad shy of being first in line - although that rarely happens this early in the draft. It's more of a final day chance that people will start rescinding offers so I'm not going to worry much about those three players at this point. I have greater needs at this point and I'm beginning now to become very selective in my FAB approach. Because I have attained the coveted 100 rating I can afford to be selective.

So, does the GDR rating really matter?

It is another tool, and a very valuable one, in achieving my overall goals of a successful FAB. However, I don't think an owner should become so obsessed by achieving the high rating that they overlook the real need - drafting a balanced lineup.

I've seen guys go out in the FAB and intentionally blast their way to the top in the rating and then fail to maintain that rating long enough to do them any good because they have burned through their financial resources and/or they lose the top rating just as quickly as they achieved it by placing too many high bids too early in the FAB.

And so, my message is this, maintain your balanced approach. Don't worry about the Rating and it will happen on its own in a reasonable amount of time. Stick to your plan and keep those draft sheets close by. Don't panic early in the FAB, but maintain your consistency.

In wrap-up, here's where I stand entering the third day of signings: I have 9 players on my roster. My intention was to draft deep at QB and HB, pick up a couple of stellar players (though not the studs), and some depth with players I expect will see significant service before the year is over as injuries start to take their toll. I've achieved that goal. My depth at those two key positions is where I want it to be. I had hoped for a couple of WRs by now...frontline guys...and I've missed out so far on those signings. However, now with the 100 rating, I'm able to specifically target the remaining WRs that I really want to sign and go after them so I'm in a pretty good position. It's time today to start looking at those defensive positions that can make or break a GDR team over the long season.

In my next post I'll talk about a strategy for finding the defensive gems that can mean the difference between a championship and a close-second.

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