Thursday, August 9, 2007

FAB anxiety

I agree, it is going to be tough to find quality backups at QB (and RB) in particular. I think it is going to put a bigger premium on deciding what type of offense you want to run and try and fill your roster in around it. In the past I have tried to be a little more flexible and let the FAB bargains help determine what I might do on offense and defense; I'm not sure that will work as well here.

There are always a million defenders out there that will get some stats each week and you can usually pick up some of these guys pretty cheap. People often pay a lot for some of the "big names" but many of the lesser known guys are great for this league and can be had near the minimum salary range.

Having an FAB with a start date of next week will also add some challenges as we won't really know how the battles for roster spots are going to shake out, What happens to Michael Vick? Who QB's in Cleveland? Who's the main RB for Buffalo? I'm exhausted already and we haven't even gotten started yet.

Jeff (Banshee Mules, Unitas)

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