Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Defense! Defense! Does it matter in the FAB?

Hmm, I had anticipated posting this before now but that little fantasy sports interrupt called "work" intervened and disrupted my schedule. Oh well, what I have to say about defense is still pertinent. Does it pay to draft defensive players in the FAB? Actually, my premise is reinforced and borne out through the post-FAB process that has been taking place the past couple of days. And my premise is this: don't waste a lot of time and precious FAB resources on defensive players! I know that lots of people will disagree with me on this one and don't misunderstand, I'm not suggesting you don't want to place the likes of a Brian Urlacher into the FAB; although good luck signing him for anywhere near a reasonable sum. But don't get overly worried if you come out of the FAB with only a handful of defensive players. Here's what has transpired in the Champ's League post-FAB process: plenty of blue chip defensive LBs, DBs and DLs have been placed on the Free Agent market to round out even 16 team rosters! And, don't forget this factor, with the exception of a few season-to-season standouts the cast of stud defenders changes more significantly from season to season than do the offensive studs. Last year I ended up with at least half of my defenders by season's end being pickups off the FA market rather than the guys I had drafted. And I thought I had drafted a stand-out batch of defenders. I got hit with injuries, suspensions and worse in my defender ranks last year and, out of necessity, saw a huge number of in-season FA signings. And those defenders were just as beneficial to my team defense points total as I had expected to get out of the original guys I FAB-ed.

So, my theory is this, hold back a small portion of FAB money to add to your post-FAB $10 million and then go after those post-FAB Free Agents that make the most sense to round out your team. My experience has been that the post-FAB activity is much less intensive for these guys and you don't end up with nearly the inflated signing dollars that you see in the FAB. Try to lock down at least one of the stud players at each defensive position in the FAB and then look to the post-FAB to round out the defense...there will be plenty of decent players still available.

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