Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 1 of signings begins

Well, okay, the first day of the FAB is in the books with initial wave of offerings and now we turn attention to signings. This is where the FAB always becomes very interesting. Did you get off to a good start with initial offers and are you in the running for those stud players that everyone covets. Or do you care? Personally, I find that one of the better strategies is to lay back on initial offers, throw some lower tier players on the market, maybe grab an early steal and maybe even throw a junk player or two on the market at minimum salary so as not to eat away at my available resources. From looking over the list of initial offerings yesterday it appears that a few of my competitors in the Champs League follow a similar strategy.

So just how liberal do you become with your dollars when going after the studs in the intervening signing (I like to call it the "courting" hours) period? In my first year playing GDR I thought I just HAD to sign some studs and I got way over limit in my spending early on. I have since become a very conservative FAB-er. No arguing with the value of the studs but I have learned that there are always a few owners who are willing to way outspend to get these guys and then, inevitably, by the final day or two of the FAB they are struggling to have the financial resources to round out their teams. From my perspective the FAB is all about finding a happy balance in between outrageous overspending and too conservative underspending. Call it the balance between the Yankees and the Royals. It pays to do your research, have your draft sheets in order, and use them throughout the FAB.

So what about the Day 1 signings anyway? Well, last night after all the 1st day intros were OTM, I spent an hour or so perusing the list and increasing a few initial offers, recalculating my available resources (remember, GDR will keep a running tally of how much money you have OTM but that doesn't really reflect reality as some of your first offers were so low that you don't really have that money in circulation), deciding who I want to add to my early offers and figuring out where to go in Day 2 initial offers. Remember that you want to strike a balance. Don't panic because you see a bunch of the studs going off the board and you don't have offers in. If you really think you absolutely have to have a stud or two, put in your offers overnight (remember to try and hit within the first half of the time on the market if you are concerned about keeping your Manager rating on the increase - personally, I don't worry about the rating as I think it is over-rated. More on that in a future post.), and get ready for day's a long FAB and panic time hasn't yet set in!

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